Friday, July 29, 2005

With the deadline for trades coming up on Sunday morning, there is alot of talk at Bellemaison about ball. The usual: who's producing, who's (ahem) dogging it, who wants to be traded.

Sylvie Ruth has been on the bench alot lately but she says it can happen to anyone--look at Manny Ramirez. Sylvie says she just needs the rest and the others need to step up and do their part. Red Dorothy says Sylie is a lard ass and slower than ever on her feet. Pete makes the point that Sylvie has got the best mouth in the game and actually, her footwork has not gotten that much worse.

In the collective American summer experience, is there anything more beloved than baseball? In Chicago, Wrigley Field is practically in the projects, a hot, dirty, sticky part of town; but you cannot get into the place and if you want to park anywhere within a mile, bring $50 or so in cash. People do this rather than go sailing or swimming on Lake Michigan. Taking the subway to either Yankee or Shea Stadium is a cultural experience in its own right, yet the trains provide the transportation for the majority of the fans who fill the stadiums in humid, muggy weather. People gladly get on those trains rather than head for the shore. In Boston, most would sooner miss Mass than miss the current offering at Fenway, no matter who is in town. Let me ask this: you'ah gonna pass on Cape Cod? Seattle has a new stadium, the awesome Safeco Field, and a matching parking garage that takes 30 minutes to exit once the game is over. What price is too great for a baseball fan?

No price, says Cleo. Ball is the one summer experience that all of America loves, North,South, East, West, Red and Blue. Especially now that they sing God Bless America and Take Me Out To the Ballgame. That Cleo knows his own mind.

The 'Kan EWA

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Lancaster now it's own stadium, The Clipper Stadium as well as our own ball team, the Barnstormers. To date we've had several games there.