Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Well, The Christ Child is coming to town and the Chows are getting pretty revved up about that. I just went to the window overlooking Club Chow and heard Cleo giving a morning briefing about policing up the area. Cle wants every pine needle, pine blossom and stray piece of dropped Chow chow swept up and thrown away. Sylvie was arguing a litte bit, saying that all they needed to do is wash and gas up The Christ Child's truck. That Sylvie is not much of a worker. Do' says that they all must be prepared to go to the lake or hop on a bike at a moment's notice, because their Uncle Jonny, that's what the Chows call The Christ Child, made a LIST of things he wants to do and he only has a few days here at Bellemaison. Those Chows are pretty excited. Pete says he is Uncle Jon's favorite and he and Uncle Jon must have lots of alone time. Bob Barker chimed in that he's the main dog, and that everyone must do what Cle says. That pretty much settled it. So we got worker bees with black tongues out there, getting ready for a Super Extravaganza Festival in a week or two. Oh, the anticipation.

The 'Kan EWA

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